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Property Fly-over and Interior Highlights

A special thanks to our realtor Heather Ward/Coldwell Banker for arranging this stunning showcase of the church, neighbourhood and interior staging photos.

Poolside at Sunset

A private sanctuary to escape to! Appreciate your low-maintenance, heated, self-chlorinating pool, surrounded by lush gardens and manicured lawns. The pool also features a fresh-water shower and a fully insulated, cedar-lined pool house. Abundant lighting (LED and CFL) surrounds the pool area letting you enjoy swimming, or just relaxing long after dark.


Major Renovation by Green Metal Roofing

Here are some bonus pictures of the massive undertakeing from start to finish.

Photo Gallery

Great Room Looking toward Kitchen

The main kitchen area was built onto the original auditorium stage area. To the left is a door which exits out to the elevated deck which overlooks the pool.

Great Room Looking toward Nook

Behind the Butler's Pantry (which features 4 hand-made leaded-glass windows), sits the Breakfast Nook. The bench seating was built using two original church pews.

Great Room Tower Stairway

Below the stairs is a guest bathroom, with the vanity built from a church pulpit! The1 inch thick hardwood maple flooring has a natural slope designed like a theater floor.

Great Room Island Fireplace

The 3 sided gas fireplace provides heating in the winter and provides a natural room division between the dining area and seating area. Yes - those are organ pipes in the background!

Kitchen behind Island

The AGA stove requires no ventilation and is always-on. The Sub-Zero fridge can be seen to the left. The island and the valence above the stove feature illuminated hand-made glass.

Kitchen as Viewed from Tower

In front of the island are 3 hand made wrought iron chairs that were designed to compliment the glasswork in the Butler's Pantry. A small office area sits to the left - behind the fridge.

Lighting and Glasswork

The stove over-head is lit from behind and has custom made coloured glass panels. The island is also lit and also features a huge single-sheet of hand made patterned glass.

Tower Stairway

The church tower is accessible from the 3 flights of stairs pictured above. The second floor landing features a large glass-fronted illuminated bookcase.

Guest Bathroom

Below the tower stairs hides a cozy guest bathroom (shower, toilet and sink). The vanity is made from a repurposed church pulpit. Natural light enters via a stained-glass window.

Wooden Clock

This hand made gravity-powered clock was commissioned by a local artisan, and is truly a functional work of art. The movement is made of various exotic woods.

Front Hall Entrance

Leading up to the Great Room, the original woodwork has been lovingly restored to it's original condition. The huge windows let in plenty of natural light.

The Breezeway

Connecting the church to the front courtyard and garage, the breezeway faces due-south and overlooks the pool area. It features an indoor pond - a haven for plants in winter.

Front Gardens

The gardens are raised and shored with local granite stone blocks which match the front- entrance stairs which were built by Colonial Brick and Stone in Brunner Ontario.

View from Kitchen and Deck

The church is surrounded by trees and gentle rolling fields, which provide a stunning view all year-round. Just up the road (200 m) is a small creek that is home to several Blue Herons.

Pool View from Deck

The 16'X32' in-ground pool was installed and is maintained by Middegaal Pools ( Seaforth, Ont.). It is a self-chlorinating, salt-water pool complete with an outdoor shower.

Upper Pool Deck

Sitting atop the breezeway, it features composite recycled plastic privacy walls & trim boards (requires no painting - ever!) The Crown Verity stainless steel BBQ is connected to the house propane system.

View past the Pool House

Just beyond the heritage apple tree behind the pool house is the Moncrieff ball diamond and park. Donated by the McKay family the land is to remain a park in perpetuity. Long since abandoned the park is now part of a field.

Water Slide and Concrete Deck Area

Kids love water - and a water slide and heated pool will give them hours of fun! The generous deck is treated so slips can be avoided, and access to the house is just a few steps away via 2 doors in the breezeway.

Pool and Pool House

The pool house was custom built to house the pool filtration and heating system, and is fully winterized and cedar lined, making it a perfect spot of a small hot-tub or sauna.

View looking West from Side Patio

On many summer evenings, a gentle mist rolls in to blanket the surrounding land. You can easily disconnect from the hectic world as you listen to the wildlife bed down for the night.

Winter View from Front Door

Located in the heart of snow-belt Ontario, we get LOTS of snow. The municipality clears roads quickly, but the views are stunning as you snuggle by the fireplace with a good book.

Side Patio

This summer outdoor living space is a great place to spend some quality time. It's far enough away from the pool area so you aren't bothered by pool activities.

Great Front Door Sunsets!

Being so close to the lake (Huron), the sunsets can be quite spectacular! The same can be said for summer thunderstorms as they gather off of the lake. You have a front-row seat!

Family Room looking South

The family room is decorated in a rustic style with real barn board from local barns. This view looks south with morning light streaming in from the breezeway.

Laundry & Hobby Room

Formerly the original church kitchen, this room has been re-purposed as a laundry and activity room. It features a second dishwasher and tons of cupboard space.

Family Room looking North

From this vantage point, the front hall entrance to the left leads up to the Great Room, and in the background is an opening to the Laundry/Hobby room.

Spectacular Rainbows

Not a summer goes by without a chance to catch one of nature's stunning light shows of colour. Even double-rainbows are common in the late afternoon.

Tower Office - Surprisingly roomy

So what do you do with an empty church tower? You turn it into an office of course. This 12-ft. by 12-ft. space is the highest point in the surrounding countryside with a great view.

Tower Office - 4 Windows

This office features a separate air-conditioner for summer comfort. The bulletin board hinges up to reveal access to the huge attic space over the great room.

Tower Office - 3 Flights up!

The office (being the highest point in the house) also has a whole-house power vent system to move air from the lower levels outside, saving on air-conditioning costs.

Garage & Shop Area

The garage floor has a vinyl covering (easily removed for cleaning) and is both heated and air-conditioned. The shop area features a Schulte/Organized Living organization system for tools which is used throughout the garage for additional storage needs.

Million Dollar View

Facing south, sitting atop the upper pool deck, the view goes on forever. In late afternoon, the sun is behind the church, providing a cool and tranquil retreat during the hot summer months. The soft evening breezes and sounds of wildlife will easily lull you to sleep.

Front Entrance

Completely rebuilt - the original concrete stairs were replaced with granite slabs matching the shoring around the front gardens. The front door and upper transom window were replaced and are accented by large coach lanterns. All external lighting is LED or low voltage based.

Family Bathroom

Leading off of the master bedroom and a small vanity room, this 3 piece bathroom (shower, sink and toilet) features a walk in shower and tile floor.

New Plantings

In 2010 the stately maple tree (a sapling when the church was built) had to be removed. In it's place a copse of oaks were planted along with a red chestnut tree.

New Garage

To compliment the original building, the roof was shingled to appear to match the cedar roof of the church. The front window was made to match the windows in the church.