Centrally Located

50 minutes from Waterloo,
35 minutes from Stratford,
30 minutes from Listowel,
55 minutes from London,
45 minutes from Goderich

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Huron County Culture

Newcomers have always been, and continue to be, a driving force in Huron County. Huron has been welcoming newcomers throughout our community’s history. Since the early 1800s, thousands of people have come here and made Huron County home. Huron County continues to attract newcomers who...

Huron County is within an easy 20- to 55-minute drive from Stratford, Kitchener, London, and Sarnia; Toronto is a 2.5-hour drive away. The climate of Huron County is one of the mildest of any region in Canada due to the moderating effects of Lake Huron.


Huron County has all of the modern amenities without the annoyances of large urban centres, like overcrowding and traffic problems. With less than 20 stoplights in all of Huron County, traffic congestion just doesn’t happen here.

Our lifestyle is rooted in our sense of heritage, our vibrant, diverse economy, and a long-standing tradition of neighbour helping neighbour. There are many opportunities for community involvement — from agricultural societies to service clubs; artists’ guilds to chambers of commerce; faith groups to school boards and municipal councils. Huron’s unique location and mild climate continue to draw visitors and new residents every year.